BREAKING NEWS: HorsesAss reports on poll of WA state voters

Over at HorsesAss, Darryl has posted his analysis of recent  polling in our state. I recommend that you read the post by Darryl, 10/31/2011, at HorsesAss

For the most part there are no surprises.

The perspective for the 012 election looks shaky.

The economy is the number one issue for voters.    Even though Obama leads his opponents for President, the healthcare plan is not doing well with our voters and  Reprican Rod  McKenna has a good lead on Demo Jay Inslee for governor.   Thge undecideds in that matchup are large and the great majority of WA voters favor tax increases over further cuts in spending.

The two major initatives on the 011 ballot look very different from each other.

The Costco sponsored  initiative (I-1183)  to privatize liquor sales has a  significant lead in the polls.   Darryl seems convinced that 1183 will pass and bemoans his expectation that there will be an increase in the cost of booze.

On the other hand, I-1125, Tim Eyman’s latest bon mot that would limit tolling, is in a ties with its opponents and there is a very large undecided contingent.

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