SUNDAY REVELATIONS: A good deed for today!


Repost of a post on the UW AAUP listserv by Ed Clark, Prof. of Immunology

Although the AAUP has expressed support for the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, unfortunately only a few of us have been able to show up at rallies behind the AAUP banner has been.  Most of us are very busy, yet many faculty may be looking for ways to support the protest without having to spend a few hours in the rain or sleep overnight at Westlake.

Over at The-AVE.US, Steve Schwartz has posted a great suggestion.  SEND FOOD.  At least one pizza place is now delivering to Westlake and they will take orders over the phone. I suggest faculty either call their favorite pizza joint, or alternatively you can donate online at the Occupy Supply Fund site.

I recommend watching Chris Hedges make major points on CBS about the OWS movement.

I also recommend looking over the data the OWS movement is based on in case any of you think it is a diffuse movement

I hope it is okay for me to plug the OWS movement like this on this site. I am doing so since the AAUP have come out in support of OWS and because the OccupySeattle movement is reaching a critical stage.

original post: Oct 20

What are YOU doing?

I am not a crowd person.  In the 60s my involvement in civil rights was a small role with SNCC, I was skeptical about all the marches. I was wrong.  However,  I did what I could to support the movement from off of the streets.

We may be returning to the sixties, though the cause is a bigger one.



Some of you may feel, as I do, that the streets are not your form of free speech.  How else can you help?  Here is a simple answer .. PICK UP YOUR PHONE AND ORDER FOOD!

Big Mario’s has been running their offer for several days and the owner is part of the Occupy Seattle movwement.  Big Mario, however, is not alone.  There must be many other delivery places you know that are willing to bring a pizza, a sub, or soime egg roles down to Westlake.  PLEASE order a pie from Mario and if you find others willing to do this, post a comment here.

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