How to Reach a Republican

From The American Digest:

 Dubya and Me – Walt Harrington

As [Bush] talked, I even thought about an old Saturday Night Live skit in which an amiable, bumbling President Ronald Reagan, played by Phil Hartman, goes behind closed doors to suddenly become a masterful operator in total charge at the White House. The transformation in Bush was that stunning to me.

Rick Perry Versus the True Believers…Who was wrong about Galileo?

Science does not advance by simple progression from ignorance to perfect knowledge, nor is it proven by consensus…. Fallows may think that he’s the one who really knows the first thing about Galileo, he may not know the second and the third thing….

H.L. Mencken  proposed creation of a special typeface to be called ironics, with the text slanting the opposite direction from italic type, to indicate that the writer was trying to be funny. — Shady Characters サ Irony & Sarcasm marks, part 2 of 3

Via Media calls “Time In” and “Time Out:”Time for the Confederate States of Europe? | Via Meadia and US-Backed Jumbos: Time To Pull The Plug | Via Meadia

Professor Jacobson declares, I am against repeal of D.A.D.D.D. –

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