BREAKING NEWS: Romney Rocky in NH

Early New Hampshire Primary Could Backfire on Romney

 NATE SILVER posts that Romney’ lead “isn’t a very large lead.  His point is that with less than  25 percent popularity amoing Republicans, Romney is vulnerable to a poweful insurgent, like  Rick Perry , who may be able to game the system.

Excerpts: “But there is one potential wrench tin he works — which could cause the plan to blow up on Mr. Romney and harm his chances of winning the nomination. That is if New Hampshire were to move its primary date all the way up to December, as New Hampshire secretary of state Bill Gardner has threatened to do in response to the moves made by Nevada and other states.”

“Fortunately for Mr. Romney, there is a relatively elegant solution to this problem. Although Mr. Gardner has threatened the “nuclear option” of moving his state’s primary to December, he ultimately isn’t asking for all that much. If Nevada moved its caucus date to Tuesday, Jan. 17 from Saturday, Jan. 14 — just a 72-hour shift — New Hampshire’s statutory requirements would allow it to slot in on Jan. 10, giving us a January calendar that very much resembled the one we had in 2008.

If Mr. Romney’s campaign had significant enough influence on Nevada to compel it to move its caucus to January in the first place, it might now benefit from encouraging the state to comply with Mr. Gardner’s demands and move its caucus back a few days.” read the full post

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