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Apple on Fire: At $199 this thing is going to sell!

UPDATE: More details on what Applesauce can and can not do, Seattle Times.  Bottom line.  Amazon’s Fire is directed squarely at media. For $200 is replaces any need for another device to read books, read pdfs, watch TV, or play games.  Apple is in trouble. There are also hidden design eleme[...]

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University Village B&N to CLOSE!!!

One down… Barnes & Noble’s University Village exit good news Elliott Bay and the University Book Store? Isn’t this tied in closely to the new Kindles from Amazon? I wonder if the message is that B&N’s concept is dead.  Books (as opposed to e books) may need to be mar[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: New tack by Russia toward Syrian revolution.

MOSCOW Oct 7 (Reuters) – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday Syria’s leaders should step down if they cannot enact reforms, but warned the West not to try to push President Bashar al-Assad from power. This is very strange.  Russia vetoes the UN Security Council very modera[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Peace Prize to African Women

I think saying these are “women” is misleading.  By what these poplke have done, however, they are pionering democracy in Africa, a place where woman’s equality is achieved by the success of these three. As for my inlcusing Yemen in Africa, I sugegst that the idea that Africa is n[...]

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Saudi Arabia’s approach to guest workers and racism

Kingdom turns to Yemen, Africa for house help JEDDAH: The Labor Ministry will facilitate the recruitment of house servants from Yemen, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Sudan and other countries instead of Indonesia and the Philippines, said Deputy Labor Minister Mufrej Al-Haqabani on Saturday. [...]

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Only academics and religious leaders can save us

from Washington Liberals:  we need support from academics and religious leaders (abridged) The Republican Party has been taken over by radicals who are increasingly brazen in their efforts to enrich the rich and undo 100 years of progress, precedent, and science. The Democratic Party has mostly wim[...]