THE SEATTLE DECLARATION: Dennis Kucinich Stumps at Hempfest

From Seattle Times: Seattle Times reporter Jonathan Martin holds up the medical authorization to possess cannabis for medical purposes in Washington state. Seattle's Hempfest Medical-marijuana authorizations STATE LAW GIVES authorized patients a defense in court if criminally charged. ......Medical professionals authorized to recommend medical marijuana include doctors, physician assistants, osteopathic physicians, osteopathic physicians' assistants, naturopaths and advanced registered-nurse practitioners. .... 4Evergreen Group offers them for $200 is the scam. These vultures are charging $200... Squeezed between a Ben & Jerry's cart and a booth selling rolling papers, two naturopathic doctors worked briskly through a line of patients. ........ I was authorized for recurring lower-back pain, a condition the naturopath found to be covered under the law's definition "a terminal or debilitating medical condition" because it caused "intractable pain."........... A staff member advertised the "no medical records" offer outside the tent while, inside, patients filed into bathtub-size exam rooms separated by curtains. Patients were asked to fill out a medical inventory of problems and to watch a video describing fine points of the medical-marijuana law and advising patients to not drive while high. I waited nearly two hours to see Dr. Carolyn Lee Bearss. . "Let's focus on your back," Bearss said. ... I describe a four-year problem, treated by physical therapy, prescription and over-the-counter pain remedies, with weekly flare-ups ranging from slight to severe. Most of my male friends and family have similar complaints. As required by the state law, Bearss did a physical exam, asking me to stretch until it hurt. She talked about other alternatives, including acupuncture, and advised me to see my primary doctor about other medical issues. Then, after 11 minutes, she signed the one-year authorization on tamper-proof paper, and I handed over my credit card. When I identified myself as a reporter after the exam, Bearss declined to be interviewed. Dr. Dimitrios "Jimmy" Magiasis, the second naturopath working in the tent and 4Evergreen's medical director, said Bearss' questions and physical exam were to "assess that you have what you say you have." Magiasis said ..... he believes marijuana is a better treatment because it doesn't cause stomach problems like some prescription narcotics. "Why does someone have to be suffering before they take cannabis? Why does someone have to take Vicodin before cannabis?" asked Magiasis. Since taking over as medical director about two months ago, Magiasis said, he's tried to professionalize the operation, such as taking the blood pressure of each patient and stopping such questionable practices as "group authorizations." But he acknowledges the Hempfest tent — surrounded by booths selling bongs — prompted complaints from other doctors about professionalism. The Hempfest tent doesn't bother Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, medical marijuana's prime champion in Olympia. ............."I think that may be a rather loose evaluation," said Kohl-Welles. " Jonathan Martin: 206-464-2605 or

OK, OK .. the Dennis needs a job and wants to run for Congress here.  I wonder though is he have any idea where “here is?”  Kucinich replacing Inslee is as likley as Pee Wee Herman(AKA Paul Rubens) getting hired by St. Marks as a lay preacher.

I support legalization of marijuana … but I put this as a cause in the same class as legalizing prostitution, liberalizing the kinds of art shown at SAM, and keeping the government’s hands off of my wifes chocolate..

Dennis compares the cause of marijuana to the goals of Mahatma Gandhi, the ideals driving the authors of the Declaration and the words of Dr. King’s Dream,.  Yep .. getting tokes legally ranks with  Gay rights, the trade union movement, and ending all wars ??????????????????????????????????????

Perhaps the funniest lines came when he proposed “nuclear evolution” after saying we need to provide a “firmament” for the great causes!

Seems to me this country NEEDS a choice:  I nominate Kucinich and Perry as candidates most likely to generate excitement in 012.


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