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Ave Challenge: UW History

Why was Suzzallo Library said to be the “soul of the University”? Answer[...]

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Saudi Version of Patriot Act: designed by Dick Chaney?

Proposed Saudi counter terrorism law that ‘jails for criticizing king’ sparks outrage Washington, July 23: Human rights activists have said that a counter-terrorism law proposed by the Saudi Arabian government, that mandates jail sentences for criticizing the king, would effectively quash politi[...]

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Microsoft is now able to FLY!

Quadrocopters reined in by Kinect leash, we feel safer already By Terrence O’Brien posted Jul 4th 2011 at 1:01AM It seems like the folks over at the Flying Machine Arena are finally starting to catch on — those quadrocopters are going to kill us all. Thankfully, after teaching them to ju[...]

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Was Kissinger an Anti-Semite?

from Y-NET Since the founding of Israel there has been a consensus between the Diaspora and the Jewish state. The role of the Diaspora has been to support Israel through Aliyah, donations and political backing against Israel’s detractors. Yet Henry Kissinger’s recently published chilling remarks[...]

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UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS: Huge Explosion in Oslo

UPDATE: Blatherwatch: Michael Medved (KTTH m-f, 12-3p) and Dave Boze (KTTH m-f, 3-4p) lectured listeners today about Moslem terrorists who would slaughter your children. Medved jumped to his favorite conclusion today, saying the attacks in Oslo were assuredly from jihadists. Boze says Norweigans (wi[...]

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Humor: Dog Bites Dog! Is it funny when one talk show host disses another?

Ed. Michael Medved is Seattles’ show Tea Party Jewish we are all living in a Christian Country American exceptionalist: “I love Rush,” Medved told CNN’s Howard Kurtz, “I’m grateful to him and I admire him greatly, but it’s a terrible mistake to say on the ai[...]

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China: China’s Version of the “Perp Walk”

 Ai Weiwei’s sister gives details of his confinement  Gao spoke just before Ai’s wife, Lu Qing, and his attorneys appeared Thursday at the Beijing Taxation Bureau to challenge charges that Ai owes $1.8 million in back taxes and fines for a design company he is said to control, called Beiji[...]

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UPDATE: They did it! Starting Friday at midnight, airlines did not have the authority to collect federal excise ticket taxes because Congress failed to approve an FAA funding measure.  Passengers could save 14 percent.  On the other hand, one estimate I read is that this will cost the fed $2.5 bil[...]