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The Great Leader of Juche

Anecdotes about Kim Il Sung Pyongyang, March 8 (KCNA) — It was on the evening of March 8, Juche 35 (1946) that President Kim Il Sung entered a room where a film show was to begin. The President asked the film operator what kind of movie was ready for the women’s holiday.  The operat[...]

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Breaking News: Treme will be back!

HBO executives informed “Treme’s” producers Friday (May 13) afternoon that the New Orleans set-and-shot drama has been renewed for a third season. Paul Schiraldi/HBOWendell Pierce in ‘Treme.’ Simon said the Friday call came from Michael Lombardo, HBO programming preside[...]

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Breaking News: Another Name in the 1st District Race

On June 28, the FEC sent her a letter asking Laura Ruderman  to specify which district she plans to run in.  Hard to do until District lines are drawn!   Another rumor is that Darcy Burner wants to wet her whistle in this stream.[...]

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Democratic State Sen. Dave Hansen Wins First Wisconsin Recall Election[...]

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Royal Marketing Going Global? .. or at least to US?

Prince William and Kate demo the HP TouchPad in LA By Tim Stiffler-Dean | Sat, 09 Jul 2011 9:25 am EDT | 15 comments   At yesterday’s Variety Capitol and New Media Summit yesterday in LA, it was the world’s recently wed Royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, that took some[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Ferrari Reborn!

Resurrecting Ferrari’s Enzo Supercar After a terrible crash destroyed the original Enzo model, the driver & an expert crew spent 30 months rebuilding it piece by piece. Now the car is breaking speed records. (as some of you may know, I drive a unique Ferrari .. the only G20 ever produced!)[...]

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Breaking News: Could Kucinich turn WA-01 red in 2012?

Kucinich Kucinich According to the Huffington Post Dennis Kucinich has chosen Washington’s first District, Jay Insleee’s current district, as his new home. Dennis Kucinich has been appearing at every opportunity someplace or other amongst gatherings of Seattle’s committed liberals.[...]