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How a US Debt Default Affects Russia

Eva Burtshtein, Elena Kukol, RT.COM United States’ refusal to pay its debts or a default of the world’s largest economy could lead to consequences that will make the recent crisis of 2008 seem like child’s play, say experts. Though, at the same time, they note that this very possibility is, at[...]

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High Noon, Reprican Style

Republicans play chicken with White House over debt Debt default is hanging over the United States like the sword of Damocles. After a month of sterile negotiations the Democrats and Republicans remain at loggerheads over tax increases and spending cuts, with the Republicans…[...]

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Gaddafi Countdown

There has been a furious reaction from Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to the US recognition of Libyan rebel leaders as the country’s legitimate representatives. In an audio speech broadcast to a rally of supporters, he called NATO ‘idiots’ and said the recognitions were ‘worthless’. The US announ[...]

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US Women’s Soccer Goes Intergalactic This PM

UPDATE:  Japan won on penalty kicks, no comment from the Starship Atlantis. NY Times: Left on the Sideline as an Underdog Celebrates  The United States lost to an inspired team from a nation that has sustained a triple blow of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear breakdown. Japan: A Resilient Team Soot[...]

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Gaddafi Countdown: Libyan Street Art


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BREAKING NEWS: Rebekah Brooks Arrested

Rebekah Brooks has been arrested, the Metropolitan Police confirmed on Sunday. The former News International chief executive went to a London police station by appointment and was arrested on suspicion of corruption and phone hacking. Rebekah Brooks has released a statement saying she is assisting p[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Denaming Crusader Lutheran Church

The Rev. Philip Hirsch and the Rev. Sandra Cox Shaw lead a church service to rename Crusader Lutheran Church in Rockville, Md., as Living Faith Lutheran Church after some questioned the church’s “militaristic” name.  Read more at Religion News Network[...]