A Consituent’s Letter to her (Republican) Congressman

Representative Reichert,

It  was a pleasure to meet with you on Friday and to express my views about  the debilitating cost of war to the 8th CD, Washington State and our  nation.  I urge you to work vigorously to lower military expenses, in  order to responsibly invest our tax dollars in infrastructure, higher  education, alternative energy and low cost loans to entrepreneurs and  students.

Regarding taxes and the debt ceiling:  The articles below express surprise and outrage that large corporations such as Boeing and G.E. pay NO Federal income taxes. You  said on Friday that corporations were anxious to have  ”tax certainty.”  I think that paying nothing in Federal income tax year after year is  more than enough certainty, and shows that there is no “shared  sacrifice” coming from the richest sector of our nation.

I  urge you to reconsider your stance on “no new taxes,”  and to replace  it with “FAIR TAXES FOR ALL.”  Your constituents understand that income  disparity in the U.S. is at an all-time high.  In fact, the U.S. is one  of only a few developed countries where  income inequality has increased  since 1980.  So, you see, “trickle down economics” is a cruel fantasy.   Wealth is more concentrated in the hands of a few tnow than in the roaring twenties.

The  individuals and corporations with the highest incomes must be required  to pay taxes at the same rates as the rest of us.  Anything less is  criminally parasitic.

I  met Robert Sargent for the first time in your office on Friday.  The  facts about disparate and unfair tax rates support his politely  delivered comments.  I hope next time, that you won’t threaten to leave  the room when your constituent points out that there is currently “no  shared sacrifice,” when it comes to balancing the budget.   Can we count  on you to support fair taxation for the people of the 8th C.D. and  throughout  the U.S.?

Thank you in advance for you response,

Linda Boyd
8th C.D.   from Washington Liberals

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