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Chicken Little … Will BHO Abandon Social Security?

The Breaking Point By: Jane Hamsher Thursday July 7, 2011 12:46 pm, Firedoglake According to both the Washington Post and the New York Times, Obama is proposing cuts to Social Security in exchange for GOP support for tax hikes. Lori Montgomery in the Post: At a meeting with top House and Senate lead[...]

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Brazil/Peru: Time Travel, early humans living in natural state.

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The UW in Comments at the Seattle Times

A colleague on the AAUP Listserve bemoans the criticism he finds in comments on the blog run by the Seattle Times,. I think my colleague is worried about the wrong problem.  The Times itself is a relic, a wrecked ship afloat on the remains of Blethen family fortunes.  The website is likely better [...]

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Taxes for Profit

Seattle Hotels Have Gotten the City to Add a Two Dollar Tax to Advertise the Hotels? Share 10 McGinn, Constantine, Godden and Burgess announce new hotel taxes Tuesday. Scenario:  So, I was in Seattle last week for my company’s annual convention.  Great city!  Martha and I went up in the Spa[...]