BREAKING NEWS: Generals and family members, 120 army members defect from Gaddafi

Ghaddafi Countdown

ROME – Eight Libyan army officers appeared in Rome on Monday, saying they were part of a group of as many as 120 military officials and soldiers who defected from Muammar Gaddafi’s side in recent days.

Al Arabiya television said 120 Libyan officers had arrived in Rome. The Libyan ambassador to Rome, who has also defected from Gaddafi, said only the eight present at the hastily called news conference were in the Italian capital.

The eight officers said they defected in protest at Gaddafi’s actions against his own people, saying there had been a lot of killing of civilians and violence against women.

They said that Gaddafi’s armed forces’ campaign against rebels was rapidly weakening. read more on el Khaleej Online

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