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Countdown in Libya

from Der Spiegel Libya’s Top Diplomat in Berlin ‘I Am No Longer Gadhafi’s Ambassador’ Libya’s ambassadors to the United Nations, the US and India renounced the Gadhafi regime long ago. But the country’s ambassador to Germany, Jamal El-Baraq, kept quiet. Now he ha[...]

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Breaking News: Obama and a Foreign Policy Without the Drama of the Bush Era

Doug Mills/The New York Times In London, a Unified Message on Libya By MARK LANDLER 8:50 AM ET President Obama said that he and Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain had ruled out a ground invasion but that they would fight until Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi left. The comparison is quietly thrilling. E[...]

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Här sexiga människor talar Göteborg svenska.

From The Local A recent poll of 1,000 Swedes conducted by the Swedish Institute for Opinion Surveys (Svenska Institutet för Opinionsundersökningar, SIFO) found that Swedes find the regional dialect spoken in the western town of Gothenburg to be the sexiest of all Swedish dialects. Read phoneticall[...]

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HUMOR: What right does Safeway have to call me by name in public, when all I want to do is exchange some money for a head of lettuce and a box of Cheerios?

From Found in Translation by David M.. Maal … Maalik …  Malkowsky! …….You’ve probably had that experience too. You exchange pleasantries, swipe your Safeway card and then your debit card (or, heaven forbid, hand over your cash), have your groceries bagged, and what remains[...]