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BREAKING NEWS: Joel Connelly on Cliff Mass

Science is more important than marijuana ….. from the PI The attitude at KUOW seems to have been, “Would someone rid us of this troublesome pedagogue?” Cliff Mass was making waves. He was having the nerve, the gall and the presumption as a scientist to communicate directly with the[...]

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When good folks can not run, what do we get in Congress?

Why Jim Webb decided not to run again. Sad commentary on American politics.[...]

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Fox on The AVE: Radical Rhetoric

Fox. all the news porn that fits.Watch the latest video at[...]

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Cliff Mass Replies

More on KUOW and Cliff Mass from his blog and from the listserv Finally, let me comment a bit on the whole flap about me be kicked off KUOW Weekday. Update (some kind folks have created an online petition asking KUOW to reconsider: found here: ) [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: New date for the Rapture:

Date has been revised. .. Oct 21 .. time to be announbced. Harold Camping Calls May 21 An ‘Invisible Judgment Day,’ Says October 21 Is Real End-Of-World Date[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: NATO Helicoptors to Invade Libya. Will Prince Harry be the man to get Gaddafi?

Britain and France are sending  Apaches into Libya. Apaches are attack helicopters that can attack small targets, representing significant escalation of Libya conflict. .. The Guardian. One possible outcome of this is the possible heroic role of the 26-year-old Prince Harry.  The Prince recently c[...]