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Selling online education, WGU style

Aside from the question of ACADEMIC standards, I have serious concerns about the PROPRIETY of  how WGU and the associated online “industry” advertizes its services.  Here are a few clips I made from online WGU ads as well as a recent generic video promoting the onlne ed industry:[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: WGU Can Now “Upgrade” Any Associate Degree to a Bachelor’s or Master’s for $12,000

WA state’s public colleges and universities have high standards that are recognized across the nation.  The UW is rated amongst the elite, small group of public Ivies .  WSU is a premier state university while WWU and Evergreen regularly rank at the top of national surveys.  Our other regio[...]

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Why UC is exploring online learning

Ed. While Washington State is being led down the Western Governors University path of least common denominator online education, UC Berkeley is taking an entirely different approach. from Berkeley Blog: The University of California is launching an online learning pilot program. If successful, I hope[...]

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More evidence that the rapture DID happen ….

Click IMAGES for links to evidence.[...]

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A Business Prof’s View of The Rapture

from the Berkeley Blog by Don Moore associate professor, Haas School of Business | 5/22/11 | Camping’s success arises in part from what my research suggests is one key element of successful leaders: confidence. To inspire others, leaders must be able to claim that they know what they’re doing. T[...]

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AVE CHALLENGE: Which UW School of Medicine is the Fourth Most Popular Med School in the USA?

The University of WASHINGTON School of Medicine is the nation’s fourth most popular medical school, according to an analysis by U.S. News and World Report.  The only trouble is, the picture of the school, as reported by Huff Post, is not of the UW School of Medicine.  (I retouched it to add [...]

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Sushi and Politics

From Cape Times Controversial businessman and sushi king Kenny Kunene has cancelled any plans to hold sushi parties amid a storm of protest by the ANC, its women’s league, Cosatu and gender activists. A contrite Kunene said yesterday it was never his intention to associate the eating of sushi off [...]

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Toys: Whatsit?

Hint: an advanced medical device for self conscious men.[...]