Sunday Revelations: Is this how the Torah was written?

One of the strengths claimed by Judaism, Islam, and Mormonism is the possession of direct revelation from God.  In Orthodox Judaism, this revelation is supposed to include the “unwritten Torah” a set of oral traditions that Jews claim is implicit in the Torah and required to understand it.

What if .. what if, the transmission of the “facts” of revelation are biased by the traditions of the believers?  Was Genesis edited by Moses and Mohamed to comply with the traditions of their times?  Did the Latter Day Saints discover a new truth abut polygamy to be consistent with their times?

OK, what about Christianity?  The founders did not have to use Photoshop to assure that the nascent universal religion was … well compatible with the traditions of its time … traditions like monogamy, anti semitism, giving unto Caesar, and virgin birth.

Makes me glad to be a scientist.


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