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AVE Challenge: Bad Taste

This is a. bumper sticker from South Carolina b. billboard from Chicago c. ad for new Fox special produced by Glenn Beck d. bumper sticker purchased at Iowa Tea Party e. Billboard sponsored by Nation of Islam[...]

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EAT: Baguette Box … Conclusive evidence for Intelligent Design!

Hunks of tender chicken are deep-fried and glazed in a tangy brown sauce, then served on a crispy baguette with caramelized onions and cilantro. See Menu Ed. Baguette Box is tan offshoot of Monsoon, one of the few fusion restaurants I have ever really liked.  Monsoon is Vietnamese in origin, but th[...]

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Recommended Reading:

  Ed. When our children were little, Barb and took them to visit the grave site of Chief Seattle, a trip I recommend for every child growing up in this city named for an amazing man of peace. Despite the name of this city, monuments to our history or all quite sad.  The totem pole […][...]