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HUMOR: A G&S take on Mobey Dick

from Spymonkey:[...]

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Designing Man: How Beautiful Faces Are Made!

Wonderful video. Read more here.[...]

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Nigeria: President Johnson and the Rule of Law

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday criticised  the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) for trying to justify the sporadic unrest that trailed presidential election in some states in the North. Ten corps members, who participated  in the conduct of the April general elections were killed in th[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: International Criminal Court Has Just Issues a Warrant for the Arrest of Muammar Gaddafi

This just came across my desk from al Jazeera. The warrant has been issued at the request of Italy.  Among other things, it means Gaddafi can not to flee to any state without being subject to extradition and arrest[...]

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Ave Challenge

hint: 1996 Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Once worked for Atari You HAVE used his invention.[...]

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Climate shifts ‘hit global wheat yields’

By Mark Kinver Science and environment reporter, BBC News Shifts in the climate over the past three decades have been linked to a 5.5% decline in global wheat production, a study has suggested. A team of US scientists assessed the impact of changes to rainfall and temperature on four major food crop[...]

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The AVE CHALLENGE: Why does the world need to know the number 350?

a. the number of people being born every 30 seconds. b. the number of votes required to get the UN Gneral Assembly to override a veto. c. a target level for carbon in the atmosphere. d. the number of days in a year when the average temperature is above historic values. e. the number of […][...]

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John Demjanjuk, Guantanamo?

John Demjanjuk’s Guantanamo Ed. While GW Bush’s creation of Guantanamo violated all my senses about the rule of law, the need for something better than ordinary law to deal with war criminals is quite real.  Read this story of the agony of crimes and punishment over a half century after[...]