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Open Season on Politicians Who Plagiarize

Guttenberg has since lost his Ph.D. and completely withdrawn from public life. from Der Spiegel by Oliver Trenkamp It started with Germany’s defense minister. But once Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg lost his job, many of the researchers who uncovered his plagiarized dissertation have moved on to n[...]

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Rust Belt Leads Economic Growth!

1. Detroit News: “Michigan manufacturing shores up nation’s economy.” 2. Financial Times: “America’s ‘rust belt’ states lead recovery“ 3. Financial Times: “Growth in jobs belies rust belt’s reputation” (includes graph above)  4. Scott Grannis: &[...]

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Finely Made Things

…one reason I became a photographer was the love of finely made things. Leicas, Nikons, Schneiders were as wonderful as the work of Eugene Smith, Robert Capa, and Edward Weston. Sadly, the era of the mechanical camera is past .. what is finely made in today’s digital camera is in their e[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Kucinich to Run in Seattle?

Speculation: Is Dennis Kucinich Exploring McDermott’s Seat? The Seattle Times reports that Dennis Kucinich is pondering re-rooting his career west of the Cascades. The Times says that Kucinich might run in the the yet to be drawn new WA 10th Congressional District or for Democratic U.S. Rep. J[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Dorothy Parvaz is missing in Syria.

From Michael Hood’s Blatherwatch Former Seattle journalist, and friend of BlatherWatch, Dorothy Parvaz is missing in the troubled state of Syria. Parvaz, 39, who works for Al Jazeera, has been missing since Friday, the day she arrived in Damascus to cover the unrest in the country. Officials [...]

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Can we now end the ‘clash of civilizations?’ The West must end its duplicity

from Berkeley Blog post co-authored by Beverly Crawford and Nora Reikosky. Beverly Crawford, Co-Director, UC Berkeley European Union Center of Excellence | 5/3/11 |   Like the collective gasp of horror heard round the world on 9/11, we now hear a global sigh of relief at the news of Osama Bin [...]

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WA State Owes Me Money!

Our boat, “Aquila” should save been tax free! Our boat, the Aquila, should have been tax free!  She is used  “outside the territorial waters of the state” .. when we go to Canada. We have also refitted the Aquila and so that work should be free of sales tax because “S[...]