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President to Give National Security Address

Major news sources are reporting that President Obama is about to go on national TV to announce that a U.S. military operation has killed Osama bin Laden and U.S. forces have his body.[...]

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Sunday Revelations: The heritage of the divinity of Rome’s Emperors taints the last remnant of the Roman empire.

Can you imagine Germany without holocaust guilt or America without its knowledge of the crimes of slavery? At this year’s Vatican Easter service , students of the Legion of Christ provided the liturgical service at the vigil. The Vatican took over the Legion last May 1 after confirming its fou[...]

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Thanks for the Education

Amar Bose donates majority of Bose Corporation shares to MIT, says thanks for the education By Vlad Savov posted May 2nd 2011 5:48AM If you haven’t heard of Dr. Amar Bose directly, you’ve surely heard of his eponymous audio equipment company. Late last week, the 81-year old founder and c[...]

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UW logos surprise all!

ROYAL newlyweds Wills and Kate gave crowds a surprise treat when they went for a spin in a classic Aston Martin this afternoon. The Prince drove out of Buckingham Palace with his new wife at his side in the convertible with the number plate ‘JUST WED’. The couple left their reception and[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Saif el Arab.

UPDATE: The reports about the death of Saif el Arab Ghaddafi have confused me.  Ghaddafi has had TWO osnse named Saif … one Saif el Arab and on Said el Islam. The dead son, apparently, is the Saif ((sword) of the Arabs, el Saif el Arab.  This son has led the exemplary life of a playboy, [&h[...]

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ZA News

Satirical news from South Africa. Johnathon Shapiro, aka Zapiro, is a long time satirist, whose work began in the apartheid era but ….. now, the bite continues . Click on the large graphic to the right for a taste of Shapiro’s TV show. “Another wonderful, witty treasure” R[...]

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Yom Hashoah: Roger asks, Were Hitler’s crimes immense enough for you to make an exception for him?

Mon, May 2, 2011 …. Tomorrow is the Jewish holiday, Yom Hashoah .. the day of remembrance of the Holocaust. Because I do not believe in the death penalty, my  friend Roger asked this question a few weeks ago: If Hitler had been captured alive, would you have supported executing him? Were his [...]