A Racist Birth Certificate

Damnitall ..

It now appears the birthers were wrong . Barack Hussein Obama is a Hawaiian!

But .. a new scandal is arising.  Note that the certificate identifies Barack senior as racially an “Aftrican.”  This makes some sense, at least if we assume the self identified Kenyan came from Africa.  As to race, Barack I’s identity may not be as clear.  Asa Kenyan, he could well be as descendant of Indian, Chinese,  Arab, or even .. Jewish traders (to my pride).  I also noted that Barack senior signed his middle name as “Dunham!.  We really need to  worry that our President’s Dad  may have been racially impure!Obama Senior, aka Boris Ovshevsky

In  contrast, the certificate identifies “Stanley” as Barack Hussein’s “Caucasian” mother.  Even though I have a male cousin named Stanley, I am reasonably certain that Brack Jr.’s mother was a female and that none of her traceable ancestors came from the  Caucasus  Mountains.  That said, I suspect the obstetrician filling out this form, gave no  importance to determining Stanley’s origins beyond looking at her skin color!  Perhaps she too had Jewish ancestors!  That would explain much of what I admire in President Barack Hussein Obama.

Time will tell.


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