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Higher Ed News from Saudi Arabia

Higher education meet to host 372 global universities JEDDAH: Under the aegis of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, the second annual conference on higher education will kick off at Riyadh Exhibitions in Riyadh on Tuesday. The conference is scheduled to last for four days. New scientis[...]

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Scott Ridder Goes to Jail

from Blatherwatch Ah, the memories. We remember well, the late, late-night KIRO talk host Mike Webb commiserating with Scott Ritter  about how they both were victims of “political prosecutions,” if not “persecutions.”  Web was murdered with an ax, now…. Ritter, once a[...]

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Al Jazeera on Malcom X Panel

Panel discussion.[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Panetta to Pentagon, Petraeus to CIA, Clinton in State.

Ed. What a power team!  Obama seems to be hitting his stride! AP sources: Panetta to Pentagon, Petraeus to CIA Wednesday – 4/27/2011, 11:09am  ET FILE – CIA Director Leon Panetta testifies before the House Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, in this Feb. 10, 2011 file[...]

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Huff Post — Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) is backing changes to the state’s child labor laws.   The minimum wage in Maine is $7.50 an hour, and there is no training or subminimum wage for students. The new legislation, would permit  for employers to pay anyone under the age of 20 as l[...]

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A Racist Birth Certificate

Damnitall .. It now appears the birthers were wrong . Barack Hussein Obama is a Hawaiian! But .. a new scandal is arising.  Note that the certificate identifies Barack senior as racially an “Aftrican.”  This makes some sense, at least if we assume the self identified Kenyan came from A[...]

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An Ave Pool: How many Senate Republicans Will Vote vs. Ryan’s Plan

This is great and welcome news. It is also very timely. Last night on Sky I heard that the rightist government of England has likely forced that economy into a double dip. I wonder how the following supposedly rational Repubs will vote: Graham, Lugar, Snow, McConnel, Shelby, Murkowsky, McCain, Rubio[...]

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MLA President’s call to action on federal budget plans

from Found in Translation BlogOf course, the languages here at Udub are threatened.  Who needs them?  As a scientist, I sure don’t.  Anywhere I go my colleagues damn well better speak English and write it well .. or no one will be able to talk with them.  Funny to watch .. a Chinese and a [...]