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AVE CHALLENGE: Can you identify this young man?

a. Benyamin Netanyahu, as a young man. b. Tony Curtis, as a young man. c. Sergent Shriver, as a young man. d. Saudi King Abdullah, as a young man. e. Moamar Gadhafi, , as a young man.[...]

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Hopes of reform fade in Cuba

The Independent by David Usborne, Wednesday, 20 April 2011 Fidel Castro, left, and his brother, Raul, at the Communist Party congress in Havana yesterda Days after calling for fresh blood in the top tiers of the Communist regime in Cuba, Raul Castro yesterday took formal command of the party and nam[...]

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the state has 440 high schools and only 88 certified physics teachers. We are not going to be able to get a certified physics teacher in every one of those other high schools. But what we can do through technology is bring in high quality physics content. We combine that with an effective teacher in the classroom to maximum student outcome

No money?  No problem, a wave or wiggle of a magic mouse and the problem is solved! The Washington Post reports on the National Summit on Education Reform, an annual convention hosted by former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education. Bush is not alone in this effort. The [...]

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In praise of the Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Full story: CourierPostOnline Is it OK for children to believe in the Easter Bunny? Yes, and adults would do well to join or at least understand the fun, says Cindy Dell Clark, visiting associate professor of anthropology at Rutgers-Camden. The Easter Bunny is more than just a playful s[...]

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College Tutition in UK: $10,000

Leaks say Conservative Government is raising numbers to $10,000, The Guardian  estimates the real number as $14,000! from the Guardian UK (excerpted) Ministers have suffered a major blow to their tuition-fee reforms after the government’s access watchdog revealed that all universities intend [...]

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Sweden mulls impact of Finnish far-right rise from The Local: Published: 18 Apr 11 11:05 CET | Double click on a word to get a translation Updated: 18 Apr 11 12:24 CET Sweden’s foreign minister Carl Bildt has expressed concern over the possible impact of the Finnish elections on Nordic and EU [...]

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UPDATE Presidential Search.

Update:The rumor “Former ALL-American Husky named UW President” is FALSE.  The potential candidate formally backed our after learning of the plans to privatize the Huskies. However, The AVE believes we are still on for an announcement this week or next. One good indicator comes from a f[...]

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Why American Education Outclasses the World.

Recently I had the “fun” of being invited to evaluate the world’s elite universities. I had read these ratings before but had not thought much about the process.  One thing I REALLY tried to do was to be fair when it came to world class universities outside the US.  I was especia[...]

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Nigerian Election Update

Goodluck won but now there are Muslim riots. I More here or follow this link on TA.[...]