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From AAUP LISTSERV ..Uganda Students Have a Lesson for UW

I agree with Halstead Harrison, and appreciate a little leftover infusion of the previous knowledge and energy in the room, so I don’t mind looking at a full board of material that came before me. Here’s a more important question: why aren’t we all in the streets fighting the budge[...]

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Radical Right: The Game of Chicken

This is inane.  The radical right is playing a game of chicken with the American economy.     [...]

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Is the BS in business, just BS? A discussion in the NY Times.

The real problem highlighted here is that college is the new high school. Compared to my late father in law who studied and reveled in Shakespeare and serious European and American history and literature in high school, today college is the best chance for young minds to be educated and develop inte[...]

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Regents pressed to adopt list of higher ed ‘reforms’

Perry emails show plan to downgrade Texas universities By PATRICIA KILDAY HART, AUSTIN BUREAU, April 17, 2011, 7:37AM ….In May 2008, Perry summoned all Texas university regents and chancellors to a higher education summit and to hear Austin businessman Jeff Sandefer, a major Perr[...]

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Overinvesting in Higher Education

Higher education is the only big business I know where success is gauged not by the number of customers served, but the number who are turned away. Richard Vedder directs the Center for College Affordability and Productivity and teaches economics at Ohio University. letter to NY Times The sharp rise[...]

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UW Prof Offers Good News For Fish Eating During Lent

Let Us Eat Fish By RAY HILBORN UW , Published: April 14, 2011  NY Times Yuko Shimizu, NY Times THIS Lent, many ecologically conscious Americans might feel a twinge of guilt as they dig into the fish on their Friday dinner plates. They shouldn’t. Over the last decade the public has been bombarded [...]

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Are All Kids Equal?

Do private schools have the right to choose the kids that they want to serve? This issue is very important in countries like India where getting into the “right” private school may be critical to a child’s future. The lessons for debt plagued Americs should be obvious: from The Hin[...]