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BREAKING NEWS: Passover: From Gestapo to West German Spy, Nazi who arrested Anne Frank

“Why pick on me after all these years? I only did my duty. Now I am suspended and I have just bought some new furniture and how am I going to pay for it?” By Tony Paterson in Berlin, The Independent The Gestapo officer who arrested the Holocaust victim Anne Frank was one of hundreds [&he[...]

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Pot Production Uses 1 Percent Of U.S. Electricity: We Need Low Carbon Weed!

  The Huffington Post Joanna Zelman First Posted: 04/14/11 08:58 AM ET Updated: 04/14/11 09:13 AM ET   Pot-smoking environmentalists take note: Grass might not be green. A new study reveals that indoor marijuana production carries a shockingly large carbon footprint. GOOD reports that Lawrence Ber[...]

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Sweden sends Iraqui convert home to apostasy charges

from NewAmerican A former imam who converted to Christianity is facing extradition from Sweden to his native Iraq, where he may face imprisonment or death for his “apostasy” from Islam. According to an article at (translated by Google): A former imam, who lives in Karlskoga and [...]

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Huff Post Measures of Inanity

Click the image for the HP’s ratings of who is crazy now. This week’s quote from Limbaugh: Fun fact: Did you know that if you are an Obama supporter of any stripe, you are a “savage” and may also be “walking human debris,” according to talk radio host Rush Limbaug[...]

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UPDATE: Nigerian Election

12   Goodluck wins! 7:51 Jonathan, Buhari In Early Lead It appears that Nigeria has voted along ethnic lines .. the south has voted for Jonathon, the north for Buhari.  More here or follow this link on TA.[...]

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Sunday Revelations: A Guest Posts on Malachi

Guest Post from God at HA , responding to the prophet Goldtstein   Malachi 2:2-3 If you do not listen, and if you do not resolve to honor my name,” says the LORD Almighty, “I will send a curse on you, and I will curse your blessings. Yes, I have already cursed them, because you […][...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Philadelphia Orchestra Declares Bankruptcy

Google: The acclaimed Philadelphia Orchestra said Saturday it would file for bankruptcy. It is the first major US performance ensemble to do so during the nation’s current economic turmoil. It is believed they are filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy that would allow them to continue with certain [...]

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UPDATE on UW Presidential Search

The AVE’s informant on the presidential search has let out a bit of new information. The Search Committee has been meeting in the former Safeco Board Room, a spartan Husky themed room in the penthh0use suite of Husky Tower. They have agreed to illuminate the W and send of a plume of white smok[...]

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Sunday Revelations: Republicans: Not a Religion

Recently, reading the Walled Street Journal, I came across this advertisement. Is it odd that the ad does not give a phone number or website for a response? Here is a possible website.[...]

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The Boring Truth About Marijuana

I have nothing against marijuana.  As far as I can see it is a fairly harmless alternative to chocolate, cigarettes and beer. Those of you who know me reaize that I aq long term fan of HorsesAss, once a great  political blog and home of a very good writer, David Goldstein. Sadly, David has ascende[...]