Nigeria Votes, on Passover


Ed.  The election in Nigeria may well be much bigger news than the soap opera in Libya.

Nigeria is the largest state in Africa and, in may ways, the one with the most promise.  With oil wealth, a sizable educated populace, an engrafted tradition of democracy, a truly multicultural society, and great writers, this former Brit colony could emerge .. perhaps in alliance with its cousins in Brazil and South Africa, as a part of major axis of new power.

While obviously a small part of this issue, I am very proud of the Igbo people, brothers and sisters from Nigeria who claim to be of Jewish descent and who

are seeking a return to their ancient roots.  Like all else Nigerian, this story has escaped the attention of the media .. even though one of the leading figures in this effort  is a rabbi from Chicago, Capers C. Funnye Jr., Michelle Obama’s first cousin.

If Nigeria can achieve democracy, its promise to Africa and the world could change the merging balance of powers.  Voters on Saturday were deciding whether to keep incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan – a Christian from the south who only took power because the Muslim president died following a lengthy illness and absence from office.


Jonathan told reporters Saturday that Nigeria was experiencing a “new dawn” with the election, and that while he expected to win he would not interfere with the electoral process. Still, he said he hoped the weekend vote would be conclusive. “I pray I don’t go into a by-election because of the cost implications,” he said wearing his signature black bowler hat and traditional caftan as he was surrounded by throngs of cameramen in his home state of Bayelsa. “We pray that whoever will win, will win.” from Huff Post

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from Nigerian News:

It is our opinion at NNEWS that the NASS election results of April 9, 2011 have created a reality that, unless the Almighty God acts on behalf of all parties other than PDP in today’s Presidential election, the die is definitely cast and the PDP has reasons to  be happy about what will happen at the end of the INEC innovative election collation today!

We believe the other parties seemed to take a catnap in the NASS elections while the PDP did their home work as usual, to retain the 4th NASS!!  A victory for the other  parties today, which we do not believe will happen, will be an empty one. The ACN however, even outside of the taunted morbid alliance, got what they need for now. ACN will provide the Minority Leadership in the 4th NASS and they have also consolidated their base (South West) which was maliciously taken from them in past elections, thanks to Prof. Jega!

The greatest loser last week was the CPC, and we predict it will also be difficult for them to win the presidential election today. Being a good man never translates to a presidential win! It is our belief that General Buhari and Pastor Bakare will end their presidential navigations today, and unfortunately, there is no other time for our good General Buhari, therefore to him we say, so long. A win at this stage of the election will be a hazardous journey for a man at the threshold of 3 scores plus 10.

In the long run, divine providence and not NNEWS will provide the winner tonight. So, acting with the recognition of destiny and divine providence, we hope the electorate will help God by not taking anything for granted. As the saying goes; the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Jega has decreed that you can wait to see your vote counted, therefore, since our democracy is still being nourished, we hope all who can, should stay and see the votes counted. There are many equipments available in today’s Nigeria that you can use to document what you see. So, use it if you have anything like video camera, sound recording system, etc. Do this within the context of the law, but do not allow enemy of progress in paramilitary uniform to stop you from performing your civic duties. Always remember this is the price of liberty, and your job is to finesse it with eternal vigilance.

If you are still following this editorial up to this point, in addition to what we ask you to do last week, and assuming that you already know where you are to cast your vote, vigilance requires that you do the following:

Result vigilance is part of the price you pay for liberty;
Listen attentively to the Returning Officer who is required to announce the result by law (Do not let another Anambra Senatorial district fiasco happen), then take his figures, from the loser to the winner, indicate your LGA, your Ward, and anything that identifies where the result is coming from.

There are three ways available for you to send the results to us for the preservation and protection of your liberty:

  1. EMAIL – just click or email
  2. TWITTER again click or send to
  3. Facebook also click or send to

That is all the price you have to pay to the NNEWS commonwealth in order to protect your liberty! May the Lord give us the leader who will stay away this time from looting whatever the resources we have left AMEN



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