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Peace Through Coffee?

from Jerusalem Post Latest data says Ramallah and the adjacent town of Al-Bireh that it has utterly engulfed have more than 120 coffee shops and some 300 restaurants, with 50 new diners opening in 2010 alone. “When I started, I was competing with three to four other places, now I compete with [...]

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Nigeria Votes, on Passover

Ed.  The election in Nigeria may well be much bigger news than the soap opera in Libya. Nigeria is the largest state in Africa and, in may ways, the one with the most promise.  With oil wealth, a sizable educated populace, an engrafted tradition of democracy, a truly multicultural society, and gre[...]

April 16th, 2011 - 8:54 am § in Environment, Religion

Frank Lutz: How to Keep NPR Funded!

from the Dianne Rheems show: There are five different types of people for you to reach out to. Rejecters, Disagreeables, Neutrals, Accepters and Embracers. Each one of those terms means something. You need to forget the Rejecters because there’s nothing you can do to influence them. “The[...]

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Cannes Contenders .. 5 trailers

from Huff Post The list of contenders is in for this year’s Palme d’Or- Cannes Film Festival’s top prize. The competition is tight, with movies from famed directors including Pedro Almodóvar, Nicolas Winding Refn and Lars von Trier. The festival runs May 11-22, on the French Rivie[...]