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Assault on Education Continues; New Bills Referred to Committee

Two new bills were introduced this week that would dramatically change standard practices in  higher education in Washington State. HB 2049 (Zeiger R-25) establishes a new higher education performance advisory council to make recommendations on changes in higher education governance to the HECB/SBC[...]

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HUMOR: Breaking up is hard to do, especially when it involves two Republican condo-mates.

from Columbus Ohio Dispatch State Sen. Bill Seitz of Cincinnati has moved out of the condo he shared with Senate President Tom Niehaus of New Richmond. Seitz bolted after Niehaus removed him last week as chairman of the Government Oversight and Reform Committee…… “I’ve decide[...]

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The Enemy of My Enemy is Not My Friend

from BBC The People’s Mujahideen Organisation of Iran (PMOI) also known as Mojahedin-e Khalq, is considered a terrorist group by the US and Iran. A spokesman for the Iraqi government, said the PMOI would be forced out of its base north of Baghdad, Camp Ashraf, “using all means”, bu[...]

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The WGU Model II. Is the WGU model a “free lunch” for students?

Continued from Part I. In that post I recommended that the UW now must choose to become a private university in the State of Washington. This need not be.   The UW is a resource, a financial resource of  immense value to Washington.  The Senate vote  means  a switch of resources from a state ma[...]

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Meritocracy or Class warfare?

Ed. I ceased donating to Harvard several years ago. I did so, not because of a lack of pride in my college or lack of gratitude for what it did for me, but because of a belief that Harvard is part of a system that is moving the US toward a dysfunctional, class based, self […][...]

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HUMOR: finding the Chametz with your iPad

Chametz: bread and other not kosher for Passover food. New York – Pesach preparations would be far easier if we could clean the house at the touch of a button. A company has developed an iPhone application to help search for those last scraps of bread. The free No Chametz app, available for iP[...]

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The WGU Model I: The UW now must choose between becoming a private university in the State of Washington or downgrading itself and depriving Washington of a top ranked research university.

Last Friday, the  Washington State Senate voted to lower the standards of our colleges and universities to a standard that is shocking. These votes were not based on the need to control the bidgets.  They actually add to the costs of higher education in the State. As a result of these votes, I wou[...]

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Medved is a Preposterous Patriotic Poseur Who Demeans Other People’s Pesach

The Preposterous Politics of Passover Michael Medved — April 2011 from Commentary Ed. The pompous patriot Medved, a Jew of the Judeo-Christian radical right party, makes snarc remarks about other peoples’ haggadot.  I would send him one of our family haghadot, but would be afraid he might p[...]

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A UW Prof: Who SHOULD Be A: UW Student?

UW Admissions and the Budget Cuts from Cliff Mass and UW AAUP listserv After the Seattle Times published a front page article: Why Straight-A Students Won’t Get into the UW this Year there has been a firestorm of comments in the media and blogosphere–and I have gotten quite a few emails [...]

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Caroline Kennedy: Tonite at Third Place Books

She Walks in Beauty by Caroline Kennedy (Hyperion) Start: 7:00 pm End: 8:00 pm Inspired by her own reflections on more than fifty years of life as a young girl, a woman, a wife, and a mother, She Walks in Beauty draws on poetry’s eloquent wisdom to ponder the many joys and challenges of being [&he[...]