A Wish For Passover

Ed.  Passover is now a week away.

A wish for Passover from Americans for Peace Now.  Ed. BRS and I are long term members of PeaceNow and striongly recommend it to all of our friends, Muslims, Jews, Zionists, and Palestinians.  Their stand for Peace is why I am so upset by the death of Mer Khamia and the ubearable behavior of Israal’s current foreign minister.

Dear Steve,

Every year, APN sends to our friends and colleagues some language which can be added to the Passover Seder. As we recount the story of our journey from Egypt to freedom, it is important to also acknowledge the ongoing struggle to bring peace to Israel and her neighbors.

This year we have a song — Make Those Waters Part — written by lawyer and singer-songwriter Doug Mishkin, which can be sung (or read) during the Seder. It is an exhortation that we all do our part to help make miracles happen. And it’s clearly applicable to our shared commitment to seeing an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Click here to for a printout of “Make Those Waters Part,” along with an introduction by Doug.

“Make Those Waters Part” appears on Doug’s album Woody’s Children, as well as on two other albums: Celebrate Passover and on Sing Out For Justice (the latter was produced by the Union for Reform Judaism).

Click here to listen to the song.

This year, Passover comes at a challenging moment for our efforts to bring peace to Israel. I am thankful for the tremendous work of Peace Now in Israel, for the enormous efforts of APN’s staff here in America, and for your contributions to our cause.

Happy Passover,

Debra DeLee
President and CEO
Americans for Peace Now

P.S. You can check out our Seder inserts from previous years by clicking here.

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