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UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS: This is what government shutdown looks like from here .

Ed.  The House has passed something, apparently a mess. “Rep. Jim Jordan, who leads the conservative Republican Study Committee, told The Huffington Post that he does not think Boehner, a fellow Ohioan, will be able to pass the funding deal through the House without votes from Democrats.&#[...]

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Bill Cosby Calls Trump a Fake

Classic Cosby[...]

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A Rational Democrat Deals With Wisconsin

Darryl blogs at HorsesAss on the missing ballots in Wisconsin Ed. For TA readers who do not read HA, I highly recommend Darryl’s writing.  He is a UW Prof. with a deep interest in both liberal causes and in how elections actually work. His highly objective analyses are something very rare in [...]

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Guns on Campus

The Arizona House gave final approval to a measure that will allow guns on college campuses, although it doesn’t go so far as to allow them inside buildings or classrooms. Senate Bill 1467 passed 33-24, with several Republicans and all present Democrats voting against the measure. The final ve[...]

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Capitalism Declines in Poll


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HUMOR: The Bacon Equivalent Calculator

Scientists at the Armour Institute have developed software that calculates “BE” .  The BE is better than the kilocalorie since it provides permission to eat things that are good for you, even if they have calories. Here are a few examples: Chicago Classic Deep Dish Pizza, 770 calories, [...]

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UPDATE: How to Donate for Japan Relief

From our American School in Japan alumnus, a complete listing of reputable charities engaged in relief work following the Tohoku Earthquake of March 11, tailored for donors outside Japan. Contact poster for complete info on donating from within Japan.[...]

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We find ourselves subsidizing people that don’t have to graduate from college

Ed. The debate here about WGU hinges on money. I suspect the major source of money is public funds .. Pell, military, unemployment.  This funding source presents a problem if the way we award this money to students is need based but assumes that the university will not just carry their students as [...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Biblical archaelogy

  Ed. During Passover it is important to realize that one huge difference between Judaism and other religions, is that the heritage of the Torah and other Jewsih writings is also a historic heritage.  Because what others call “the Jewish bible” is also our history, stories of archa[...]