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Huskies win NCAA Championship, Again!

Read more here.[...]

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Obama 2012

Count me in.   In the meantime ..   Karl Rove, a strategist whose Crossroad GPS plans to help raise $120 million for Republican candidates, was quoted as saying Obama should be considered the favorite. More recently, a Republican operative reflected on his party’s lack of any strong [...]

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Paul Krugman: Washington has Written Off the Unemployed

More than three years after we entered the worst economic slump since the 1930s, Washington has lost interest in the unemployed. One-sixth of America’s workers — all those who can’t find any job or are stuck with part-time work when they want a full-time job — have, in effect, been abandoned[...]

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UPDATE: What is “competency based learning?”

(Updated from April 3.) Ed. Senator Kohl-Welles, who holds a PhD in education,  has told us that she wil vote AGAINST the Senate version of HB1822.  To support her, you might send an email to Ed.  I have found Dr. Mendenhall’s thesis on the web. (The entire th[...]

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HUMOR: Star Wars in Seattle Schools, A New Hope?

from Seattle Salmon District scrambling to manage fallout of the “I am your father” controversy In the face of nose-diving test scores and leadership scandals, Seattle Public Schools made a desperate effort to pump enthusiasm back to the classroom. Taking their cues from an exhibit at the Pacifi[...]

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The Highest-Earning Public College Presidents

UW’s Emmert makes #2 in nation, just behind Ohio State!  Gee![...]

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from a WGU “graduate” in math education

Poking around on the web for student evaluations of WGU.  Here’s an interesting one on the MAT in Math I recently finished the MAT secondary math program. I came to the program with a fairly recent undergrad[...]

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WGU Video

WGU support from Gates Foundation: based on data from the Gates Foundation websiote, Gates has given WGU over $5,000,000 in grants. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy[...]

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Comparing the New America to Haiti

“Watching our country dismantle its educational systems in the name of cost savings is akin to a family drowning its children to save on the grocery bill.” Dear Colleagues, In my work in Global Health over the past few years, I have had opportunity to travel to many health facilities and[...]

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April 4 Anniversary

On April 4th, 1968 Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot while he stood on the balcony of a Memphis motel. Despite the fact that James Earl Ray had plead guilty to the murder, he spent the rest of his life trying to reverse his plea. Many theories exist which claim that Ray was not […][...]