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Ave Challenge: Whatsit?

a.Japanese Robot Dental Hygeniist b. Automatic Hair Weaving Device c. Pre iPAD Reading Chair With Turner d. Charging Station For ElderMobile Scooters. e. I Robot, Masseur Chair  [...]

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We Are Wisconsin

Here are a couple of links for following the ongoing people's takeover of the Madison State House.[...]

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Japan’s Nostalgia for its Day as an Up and Coming Power Post WW II

 Considering the current state of Japan’s economy, it’s remarkable to recall that 60 years ago there were hundreds of companies both old and new jockeying restlessly to fill the vacuum left after almost all the nation’s cities were heavily bombed in World War II — jockeying, tha[...]

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The Lab: A Video on Scientific Misconduct

Ed. The issue of scientific misconduct is a hot one at the UW.  The President and Provost fired  Professor Andrew Aprikyan despite the universal finding by a Senate panel that the UW had not followed due process.  In my opinion, the UW has done a poor job.  A lack of due process means that we [&[...]

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President’s Day Obama Meets King


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Gorbachev Accuses Putin of Conceit, Disrespect for Democracy

Russia – Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on Monday described Russia as an imitation of democracy and accused its current rulers of conceit and contempt for voters, in his harshest criticism of the government yet. Gorbachev criticized Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his protege, Presid[...]

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U. of Iowa Considers Firing Professor Who Sent ‘Prejudiced’ E-Mail

The University of Iowa has started a disciplinary hearing that could lead to the firing of Malik E. Juweid, a radiology professor who is accused of sending “prejudiced, insulting, and inflammatory” e-mail messages to colleagues that call them anti-Arab and anti-Muslim. In an interview with the A[...]

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The winner gets police protection for three years, if California still has police!

YOU Try Balancing the California Budget from the Sacramento Bee ... California is 27.6 billion in the red. Try your luck, cut the budget. The winner gets police protection for three years, if California still has police![...]

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I am Shocked, Tim Eyman Opposes Initiative Reform

Tim Eyman, Sound Politics. The greatest tragedy would be Olympia increasing initiative filing fees (House Bill 1668 / Senate Bill 5297) — here’s why House Bill 1668 and Senate Bill 5297 are a monstrosity of anti-initiative policies. Instead of separate anti-initiative bills where each an[...]

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