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February 17th, 2011 - 5:06 pm § in America, Politics

Wisconsin Legislators Join Egyptians in Protest Against Government

Wisconsin Democrats on Thursday fled the statehouse in an effort to prevent legislators from reaching a quorum and passing a bill put forth by Gov. Scott Walker (R), which would cripple the collective bargaining rights of public unions. The move produced a frantic political drama, as state troopers [...]

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Biotech and Madoff:the decline and fall of American Pharma.

There are some real reasons that health care in America costs more than anywhere else.  One difficult part of this is that we Americans have been subsidizing the entire world because our market model is unique.  The American drug market is open to free competition with little in the way of price c[...]

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NOTE: THE-Ave.US is independent of the University.  We encourage free speech. Yesterday (Weds. Feb. 16th), state Senator Adam Kline introduced a resolution calling on Congress to adopt a Constitutional Amendment to ensure that that corporations do not have the same rights as people.  The state Sen[...]

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Mubarak’s Wealth

Huffington Post Mubarak – and his family have a net worth of at least $5 billion, analysts tell The Huffington Post. Recent media reports pegging the family fortune at between $40 and $70 billion are considered to be exaggerated. Read more here[...]

February 17th, 2011 - 9:07 am § in Politics, Schools & Colleges

Could UWisc Go Private?

from Todd Finkelmeyer at the Cap Times UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin sent an e-mail Wednesday night to the UW System’s Board of Regents, and to other chancellors across the system, asking them not to oppose Wisconsin’s flagship university breaking away from the system. “There [...]