Medina to Build a Wall to Keep Out “Illegals” from Clyde Hill

Medina residents propose building a 12' wall to protect its borders. Original photos by JMRosenfeld & Paolo Cuttitta palestine, compositing by Zack LewisMedina residents propose building a 12′ wall to protect its borders.

Nancy Reid followed with, “They’re sneaking their kids into our schools, I don’t volunteer three hours a year to tutor the slow kids form Clyde Hill.”  Her neighbor, Helen Windham shared a similar point of view, “Sure, someone’s got to mow the Kikuyu grass lawn, but now I swear I can smell them in the aisle across from me at the Medina Grocery.  Enough is enough.”

However, the biggest cheer of the night came from Henry Seaton, who paraphrased his mentor, President Reagan with, “City Council, put up that wall!!!”

Read more at the Seattle Salmon

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