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CAIRO (Reuters) – “The first priority, no question about it, is security. An equally important priority is to provide the elements needed for the daily life of citizens,” Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq told Egyptian state television. “The government and the citizen must unite in[...]

February 12th, 2011 - 9:14 pm § in America, Politics

AZ Dems look to Giffords for Senate seat

Amazing, with the announced retirement of John Kyl, Kathy Giffords could emerge as an unbeateable candidate for Senate from Arizona. read more in POLITICO read more On THE Ave[...]

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Everywhere Tahrir

I, like not a few Americans, am excited and perplexed. To help me understand these times — and you, if you like — I’ve spent the last couple hours collecting and collating the best short-term, Englishlanguage accounts I could find on what’s happening right now across the Greater Middle East [...]

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David Lovell Leaves the UW

by Jim Gregory, Professor, History (from AAUP listserv) I want to take a moment to say goodbye to David Lovell. As all of us should know, David served as Chair of the Faculty Senate in 2008-2009 and served many other years in faculty leadership positions, including the most demanding job of all, as [...]

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UW Has a Better Idea than Texas’ $10,000 College Degree!

AUSTIN (KXAN Erin Cargile) – During his state of the state address Tuesday, Gov. Rick Perry said it is time for colleges and universities to lay out a low-cost path to a degree. “It’s time for a bold, Texas-style solution to their challenge that I’m sure the brightest minds i[...]

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Artful Activism Organizing & LIVE MUSIC Celebration

Starting February 16, 6-10pm $5 cover for the music portion of the evening (8pm on). Backbone Campaign is locking arms with our musical allies Publish the Quest. Band leader Jacob Bain was part of the DC crew for the last adventure and we hatched this plan on the flight home. Luckily the folks at Ne[...]

February 12th, 2011 - 6:29 am § in Religion

Darwin’s Birthday

by Ian Murphy “THREE-O-NINE! THREE-O-NINE!” I crudely affected like an overgrown toddler, exuberantly waving the hotel room key card overhead, and cradling a small, foam-rubber Tyrannosaurus Rex. I adjusted the thick, foreign prescription bifocals strapped to my head, and steamrolled to the fron[...]

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Can academically ineligible kids transfer into the UW if they aren’t football prospects?

Tate Forcier, lists Washington among his transfer options. Good news? The 6-foot-1, 192-pound San Diego native was the Michigan Wolverines starter in 2009 as a freshman, but he lost the No. 1 spot. “I’m really just looking for the best situation and the best opportunity,” Forcier s[...]

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Balmer Sweats for Techs!

Maybe .. just maybe, this will lead the admins to understand that the MBA ain;t such a good way to grow a workforce! Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer plans to extend a management shake-up aimed at adding senior product executives with an engineering background, two people with k[...]