Huff News v Fox News, The New Orwell Media?

Rob Enderle, a San Jose, California- based technology consultant.  says  Huffington may  build AOL into a media organization with a similar clout to Murdoch’s Fox News Corp.  “look how political views have worked for Fox …..  There’s certainly the opportunity to create a much more powerful liberal voice in the country. The fact that it hasn’t been done yet, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.”

The comforting comparison for liberals is to Europe where often the political parties identify with major news papers.  America is never really Europe.  Fox News has a deep and nationwide penetration of local media.  Adrianna Huffington’s goals are to acquire/create replacements for local news papers.

On the Fox side, Murdoch already has omnipresent local Fox TV.  The one sided domination of media by Fox has done a lot of harm…. The Tea Party lives in a land of Oz created by Glen Beck.    The demise of daily news papers and traditional TV has left a huge vacuum, until now filled only by Fox.

A competing wizard behind the screen is a good thing, but what happens to us all if this land of Oz is run by Glen Beck and his Huff bred equivalent? Instead of Orwell’s big brother we may will live under a big brother and a big sister, siblings who discover a common parent.

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  1. Dr.Neuron #

    I read it, but I don’t see anything there. What has the Big Brother stuff got to do with Huffington and Fox, really? Is there any evidence for a connection between Fox and Huffington and between them and the proposed Federal act? Why not CNN, ABC, etc.?

    I get that Huffington+AOL has great potential as a liberal adversary to Fox given that Huffington indeed retains and uses her new editorial power in that manner. But even that is not a given at this point. I’ve been in a merger and dealt with people going through mergers. In my experience, things usually don’t work out as most people expect.

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