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The Proper Use Of Ideology In Politics And Public Discourse

“Ideology” has become a dirty word in our lexicon, made disreputable by the likes of Hitler, Stalin, and lesser (but still odious) practitioners of various “isms”. Closer to home, ideology now so distorts America’s domestic political discourse, not to mention policyma[...]

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Eating Sorta Near Here

According to the NY Times, Willows Inn on LUMMI ISLAND, WASH. is Wonderful! Willows Inn, on the tiny San Juan island of Lummi, is about two hours from Seattle by car and ferry. Yet it is about to become a destination restaurant, thanks to its new chef, Blaine Wetzel. The 24-year-old, formerly the pr[...]

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For Profit Universities: a view from Harvard’s Crimson

Crimson Editorial Staff The evidence against for-profit colleges has been piling up for months, and it is disheartening that all the federal government has offered in response is pontification and paper. The schools have seen a surge in popularity, and the General Accounting Office estimates their e[...]

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Alan Grayson on the Shootings in Arizona

We are all going to hear excuses for what just happened.  The right will avoid any sott of self criticism, Glenn Beck will somehow find a way to blame this on Obama.  The left, at least most of it, will try to appear rational by not  using the word bigot to describe any of the […][...]

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= The EWU Eagles celebrate the national championship game win over Delaware. They brought along a section of their red turf for luck. Click image for full story.[...]

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Football News: Rutgers Player Paralyzed

Paralyzed Rutgers Football Player: ‘I Believe That I Will Walk One Day’ This story is hard to read.  I respect the athelte’s rights but worry that they are being paid to be hurt. I wonder how PETA feels about horse racing?             Click image from game for latest s[...]