Do The Huskies Make Money?

If they do, they are VERY unusual.

Eddie Pells at the Huffington Post reviews the numbers for major football schools

Even those teams that claim to make money, never seem to pay a “profit” of more than 5% back to their university.  That is pretty sparse when you realize that the indirect costs for ANY grant activity any university range from a minimum of  15% for training programs with minimal impact on the campus (sinnce the students or the grant pa full boat tuition) to as high a 100% for grants activities that use resources such as the cops, the librarians, and the President.

Here at the UW, the story is worse.  Now we are floating bonds to buy the Huskies a $250,000,000 stadium!  Those loans are a tax expense since they will be issued as tax free bonds and the financial report at THE-Ave library suggests that the Huskies may never pay the loan back.

Read more at Huffington.

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