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Humor … Really, Humor About the Rightwing.

Conservatives  have a larger area of the brain associated with fear. The “exciting” correlation was found by scientists at University College London who scanned the brains of two members of parliament and a number of students. Read more at the Telegraph[...]

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New Mags at Bulldog

The other day my wife and I went to a book store to eat lunch in their cafe.  I hade forgotten what fun paper can be! Take a look at the new magazines at Bulldog.  you can see what is new by following this link.[...]

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A Prof Responds to a Teacher

Last night I listened to a teacher complain to a panel of state representatives .  “Eric” asked: “why the legislature continually adds more requirements and duties to teachers while simultaneously cutting our pay. Other state employees who have had their pay cut are receiving comp[...]

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Do The Huskies Make Money?

If they do, they are VERY unusual. Eddie Pells at the Huffington Post reviews the numbers for major football schools Even those teams that claim to make money, never seem to pay a “profit” of more than 5% back to their university.  That is pretty sparse when you realize that the indirec[...]