Interview with David Horowitz

The blog College Freedom has an impressive interview with David Horowtiz. For those unaware of Horowtiz, he is definitely more than just an irritant.  He and his organization have used the concept of academic free speech to argue that university curricula are imbalanced because we, the faculty, so not provide a good representation of conservative points of view.  The nightmare this brings to my mind, is Fox news concept of “Fair and Balanced.”

Actually the preceding post on government legislation of “truth” is part and parcel of the same thing.  There is no sensible meaning to arguing for as balanced point of view on the danger of marijuana.  As hard as I can look in the literature the level of danger is no higher than the danger from a cup of strong coffee or erotic visions of the young thing seated nextr to you. How could pharmacology classes find a balanced approach to teaching about reefer madness?

The line between truth and balance is not easy to describe.  Is there a balanced point of view on slavery?

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