Can governments legislate truth?

What happens when the government tries to legislate truth?

I find the debate over medical marijuana very disturbing to my belief that our society can be a society of laws. The problem, as I see it, is that the laws prohibiting use of marijuana are not based on facts. That law claims that MJ is a dangerous drug. Then we have a law that says MJ is safe to use as a medicine so only sick people can take it. Does this make sense?

The real truth is that despite lots of efforts to find something dangerous in reefers, reefer madness reflects more on law makers than it does on pot smokers. Unfortunately for us all, this drug that is not harmful, is also not very useful as a therapeutic. Yet, the treatment for legislative reefer madness seems to have been another law .. declaring marijuana a medicine. It can be stated that some cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant, such as CBD does have therapeutic and medicinal properties, helping people with the likes of MS, chronic pains, various epilepsies as well as a slew of mental ailments such as anxiety, depression, and even serious cases of PTSD. Patients that choose to use products similar to these Private Label Vitamins can actually start to notice the benefits rather quickly, depending on their illness and reasons for taking the medicine.

Of course marijuana is, to some extent harmful. Almost anything with any effect also has some side effects. The side effects of marijuana are so small that the reefer madness laws only makes sense if we also outlaw other drugs that are comparably dangerous .. chocolate, coffee, the big Mac, iced drinks, neosynephrine, Nyquil, benzydrine, exhausting work outs, personal quarrels, or Rush Limbaugh’s radio. Beer and beyond are much more dangerous.

OK, so we passed a law that makes no sense. What next? The Pro Potnicks have gotten equally bad laws passed that declare marijuana a “medicine.” The ONLY justification for the MM law is theRM (Reefer Madness) law. The argument is that we need to authorize folks to use this harmless agent, even if the MJ has little curative or adverse effect because use probably does no harm.

Suppose Idaho passed a law making chocolate illegal because chocolate also contains cannabinoids. Would it then make sense to pass a “medicinal chocolate” law since chocolate certainly has beneficial effects for some sick folks? Lets be clear. There are some modest good effects of marijuana (as there are for chocolate). If you haven’t heard about how medical marijuana and its different cannabinoids found in the plant are helping those with many different diseases, illnesses, and pains, then you may want to start learning more about it here. You might even find that a cannabinoid product whether it be CBD products or other cannabinoids found in marijuana, could be beneficial to your health condition.

OK, so now we have two laws. How far can this sort of legislation go? If Sarah Palin remained as Governor could she have been able to get the legislature to established the ability to see Russia from Wasilla? Could our new know-nothing Congress declare Global Warming a hoax?

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    Okay, let’s do some deep thinking here. This may be a little challenging but we owe it to America to make the effort.

    “How far can this sort of legislation go?”

    The only limit on how far legislation can go is the Constitution, and nothing in the Constitution prohibits idiotic legislation. Remember Murphy’s Law 28(c): “Nobody’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.” The guy who wrote that wasn’t kidding.

    “If Sarah Palin remained as Governor could she have been able to get the legislature to established the ability to see Russia from Wasilla?”

    There’s no reason why she couldn’t have gotten the Alaska legislature to pass a law saying you can see Russia from Wasilla. A state idiotic enough to elect her as their governor probably has a legislature that’s idiotic enough to pass such a law.

    “Could our new know-nothing Congress declare Global Warming a hoax?”

    Of course it could. By the way, does anyone know how far above sea level the Capitol building is? I’m curious how long it’ll be before seawater creeps over the carpets in the House chamber.

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