So ..Crosscut is now Foxed?

Over at Crosscut, John Carlson appears today  in the role of an objective political reporter, offering a watcher’s guide to today’s election.

John Carlson?  Carlson is a far right talk show host, closer to the Ellen Crasswell proto tea party movement of the Washington  Republican Party than to the party’s rational roots in the politics of Dan Evans and John Spellman.

With all due respect to the respected publisher/founder of Crosscut, David Brewster, this post makes me think David is joining Juan Williams as a rational shill for for Murdock. .  John Carlson, ought not to be shown as any sort of objective, moderate, rational reporter.  If this “analysis” is not written by Roger Ayles, it certainly suggests where John gets lessons in talking points.

Carlson lists all the things that could encourage Republicans to smell blood, see a victory and .. of course, get out the final votes here in Washington state.   The facts COULD be right, IF I were a Republican hoping for the best and working to keep my cadre motivated.

Of course, if that were MY intent, my spin would show bias as well.   My “fair and balanced” analysis would encourage Crosscut readers to speculate  what it would mean if the Dems take W. VA, and Sestak’s flag of rationality triumphs in PA.  I might also wonder at the meaning of a possible defeat of John Kasich in Ohio or Rubio getting elected by a minority of voters in FLA.

And then there might be, even if I were objective, some discussion of the effect on this country should the Tea Party get enough seats to create havoc as the Republican party teeters over the edge of Goldwater’s meme, about extremism. Or for that matter if their stars in New York and Md, even though dimmed by defeat, mean that the Republican party, like Ahab’s Pequod, is now pulling us all on an insane voyage.

And, if folks read The Ave, instead of Crosscut, those last few ballots from the eighth might elect Susan del Bene rather than David Reichert.

‘Steve Schwartz
Editor, The Ave.

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  1. 1

    Too bad Andrew Breitbart wasn’t available, too. Think of the team Carlson and Breitbart wouldda made!

  2. theaveeditor #

    I could almost stomach that but right wing talk (or left wing is such still exists) ought to have an FDA warning.

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