Initiative 1100.1 … The MME initiative

The Ave would like opinions on an initiative that addresses both the medical marijuana problem and the financial needs of the UW.

We call our initiative … MME .. the Medical Marijuana and Ethanol initiative and plan to submit it as an amendment to the current initiative 1100.

Ballot Title: WAMME .. Washington Medicinal Marinol and Ethanol soles act.
Statement of Subject: Amended Initiative Measure No. 1100.1 concerns liquor (beer, wine and spirits).

Concise Description: The original measure, 1100, would close state liquor stores; authorize sale, distribution, and importation of spirits by private parties; and repeal certain requirements that govern the business operations of beer and wine distributors and producers.  The amended measure, 1100.1, would require that all sales of spirits be done by union workers, in licensed pharmacies and also authorize the sale of marijuana in the same stores.  A tax equal to the current profit from the state liquor stores,  would be imposed with all proceeds going to support the Washington State Liquor Commission and as a scholarship fund for students at Washington State public universities.

Background: Currently pharmacies can sell marinol (THC, the active ingredient in marijuana) as well as ethanol, the active ingredient in spirits, to patients for have prescriptions for medicinal use.  Pharmacies, however, can only sell the pure form while many patients prefer their THC or ethanol in either a commercial spirit form, known as “booze”  or as green vegetable matter, known as pot.

The original 1100 was perceived as a threat to state funding for universities because of the loss of profits from booze sales and as a threat to union jobs because private sellers would not be required to hire union members.  The latter also raised safety issues since low payed retail clerks would not have the professional skills to assure that booze was sold responsibly.

The state already already authorizes sales of medical marijuana by private citizens but their are concerns that those sales are not be properly restrcited to needful patients.

1100.1 would address all these issues.


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