UW Agrees to Stop Spying on Political Groups

The American Civil Liberties Union alleges the University of Washington Police Department authorized an undercover officer to attend, participate in and collect information about meetings of the UW Student Worker Coalition — a group they say was being improperly monitored.

While the UW claims that they complied with the ACLU by ending this process, the issue of civil rights on this campus and whether we even have a rule of law to protect free speech is all too real. The Aprikyan affair, coming to State court in November, for example, hinges on KGB like investigatory powers that the UW administration claims to be able to use … unnamed accusers, no Miranda rights, and no right to be represented by an attorney.

There is also a major issue here of who oversees the UW’s investigative services?  We not only have a police force, we agencies like UCIRO and OSI that cliam the authority to undertake investigations.  Are these agencies governed by the ruloe of law?  If President Wise decided she wanted OSI to investigate The-Ave, could she do so?

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