NIKE .. Expelled from Wisconsin and Cornell.

July 2, 2010

Following University of Wisconsin’s lead, Cornell is poised to sever its contract with Nike if labor dispute isn’t resolved.

Can anyone explain how it is plausible for Dr. Wise to claim she is NOT in conflict over this issue?

I have no special ax to grind about University faculty getting pay from their gigs off campus.  As a tax payer, however, I do not see how Phyllis Wise can claim that her faculty status immunized her from state conflict of interest rules .. especially when she also claims as Provost that her ethical behavior can not be reviewed by the faculty.

In my opinion the issue is not just over NIKE’s labor practices.

The controversies over Phil Knight (CEO of NIKE) at the University of Oregon center around issues we face here as well.  He claims t be able t intervene in management of the Oregon Athletics Department because he has given UO a lot of money.

If any OTHER state official claimed this sort of immunity from corporate entanglement there would be hell to pay.

She needs to resign.

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